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Crafting Ultimate Experiences

India Awaits has been conducting inbound tours for globe-totters since 2015. Before that, our founders traveled across the Indian subcontinent for years as tourists and then as travel agents. They started the company with a vision to offer tailor-made journeys for modern travelers. After conducting quality tours in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Maldives, India Awaits has satisfied clients from different parts of the world. 

We curate itineraries thoughtfully to offer personalized adventure. The trips by India Awaits do not follow the one-size-fits-all approach as prevalent in the industry. We provide you with sample itineraries and then make changes as per your preferences. Your interests are important for us to offer you a wholesome journey. This in turn helps us create a long-term bond with you and sustain our vision.

India Awaits: The Intersection of Simplicity and Opulence

We at ‘India Awaits’ embrace the grandeur of our historical and geographical gems. Yet, we believe that beauty and enrichment can also lie in simplicity. The destinations on our packages hold great significance in the travel community. Our travel services to and from those destinations are hassle-free. Here are a few key things India Awaits that would assure you to travel with us.

Thoughtfully Curated Itineraries

We love to travel and we have been to all the places that we take you to. While designing itineraries, we make sure that you cover all the major, as well as underrated attractions, with a smooth expedition. You get ample time to appreciate the history and geography of a place. And after a long journey, a relaxing time is also allocated.

Tailor Made Journeys

Though we make very efficient itineraries we understand how travel choices can vary from tourist to tourist. You can always talk to us about the places you would like to visit and places you are okay to skip. If you wish to explore some places exhaustively, count on us to make a detailed plan for you.

Extensive Range of Tours

The tour vault of India Awaits has adventure tours, luxury tours, culture-oriented tours, and special interest tours. You can stroll in the markets of Jodhpur to Srinagar in search of beautiful handicrafts or you can explore the Himalayan mountains for an adventurous odyssey. Partake in lavish parties in Goa or join a Yoga retreat in Rishikesh or Pondicherry.

You are the Priority

India Awaits understands the impacts of long-term relationships. So, your satisfaction is our priority. We work closely with clients when they have specific interests in some destinations regarding food, sites, and our activities. Even when you are unaware of the possibilities, we create itineraries and packages for the best experience and educate you about the available options.

Tours with Sustainable Practises

We value the existence of our planet and strive for its sustainability. Our choice of property, vehicles, and accessories reflects our attempt to leave a minimum environmental impact. We also support wildlife conservation practices in Rajasthan through raising awareness among the tourists.

Safety and Constant Support

India Awaits has an experienced and educated team of operators, guides, and support staff that is capable of offering an uninterrupted journey. We closely monitor government guidelines during critical conditions and are always available for your assistance throughout the journey.

Passion for Travel

Out of all the reasons to run a travel agency, the passion for travel is imperative to us. We try to make your and our journey blissful through the consistent evolution of touring experiences. India Awaits is always keen on including the elements that will uphold the spirit of travel in you. 

Happy Clients Around the Globe

As we strive to be friendly tour operators, we take pride in the relationships we have formed over the years. Our firsthand knowledge regarding journeys and destinations and the quality assurance at every stage makes us likable. Tourists from the USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Hungary, etc trusted us in their voyages and wrote back with cheerful messages.

Our Team

Govind Singh Rathore

Govind Singh Rathore


Experienced Travel Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Skilled in Communication, English, Customer Service, and Problem Solving. Strong operations professional with a Master's degree focused in History from University of Rajasthan.